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. live in san francisco, i am katie marzullo for abc7 news. >> emotional ads started to run to coincide with national day to demand action featuring family members of the children and adults killed in the massacre in new and town cut. remember the 26 victims who lost their life. she just wanted to teach little kids. that was her goal. she died doing it. >> the ads part of the mayors against gun coalitions. make bloomberg spent $12 million targeting lawmakers to expand the gun control. several local areas including san francisco and oakland mayors are will part of the coalition. at the same time, we are learning new details of the sandy hook elementary school shooter, 20-year-old and his life leading up to the december massacre. released search warrants showed he lived in a world of weapons. investigators searched his home and cars after he shot 20 schoolchildren and six educators. they found an arsenal of guns more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, swords, knives and the attack lasted less than five minutes before he killed himself. >> developing news from san francisco where right
this morning, san francisco's archbishop is making strong statements against same-sex marriage days before the course takes up proposition 8 and will hear arguments if the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. archbishop is talking to abc7 news reporter right now. early this morning he told "usa today" that to legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant. he also says a court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage may only intensify the debate. you can see his interview with the archbishop this afternoon going on abc7 news starting at 4:00. >> five bay area police departments are now in the middle of a 24 hour tweet athen, the palo alto, east palo alto, fremont, mountain view, and los gatos police departments are participating in the event with 160 agencies taking part. they are tweeting of service calls to increase awareness of police work and their issues. fremont police tweeted "call a man in 50's down on a bench waving his arms and moaning, fire and p.d. on the scene." hashtag
, that the catholic church faces during this historic time." live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for latest news from vatican city abc7 news breaking into programming when a new pope is elected. >> parents in a pre-school are outraged this morning after discovering a former teacher tied up a two-year-old for refusing to take a nap and took a picture of it. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live at center point christian pre-school where the investigation took place with the reaction. >> officials told us today that this is their fifth violation with the state since october. two violations were because they stored bleach in reach of the children. to others had to do with supervision of the children. they say this is the worst infraction. >> i am really shocked, actually. >> parents dropping off their children at the pre-school say they are concerned and have questions about how and why a teacher could have taped a two-year old's wrist and ankles together because she refused to nap. some parents have taken their kids out of the school this week and others say they are wat
they will be picked up tomorrow. live in oakland, i am katie marzullo. >> happening now, a former san francisco police crime lab technician accused of stealing drug evidence is expected to change her plea. the 62-year-old woman is in federal court right now set to plead guilty to misdemeanor possession for taking cocaine from the crime laboratory in 2009. the lesser charge that results in the plea deal carry as maximum one year sentence. to previous trials resulted in a hung jury. because of the scandal, 500 drug-related cases were dismissed. >> the army now says they did not prosecute a former soldier on rape charges because there wasn't enough evidence. the former soldier killed to santa cruz police officers. goulet was accused in two rape cases in 2006 but the army says d.n.a. testing failed to link him to the victims. last month, goulet gun down a santa cruz detective elizabeth butler and loran "butch" baker, and the former defense secretary and bay area members of congress are demanding information on how the military handled the case. reuters suspended with pay a journalist accused of conspiring
san francisco, she is particularly happy he picked francis. >> he is everything they will looking for, a good leader, good pass door and good communicator. >> when we found that man, where he came from, his age, what his background was, that was all gravy and we got not only a great man but we got good gravy, too. >> vice president biden will lead the united states delegation on tuesday and house speaker boehner was invited but he cannot go because he is hosting the irish prime minister at the capitol and because of budget negotiations. >> st. mary's cathedral in san francisco has a special mass of thanksgiving for pope francis at 12:10 on gulf street. the mass will be led bid san francisco's bishop. >> stay with us for complete coverage on the selection of pope francis as the new leader of the roman catholic church with the latest on 7 and on twitter. >> san jose police have arrested a teacher for possess willing -- possessing child pornography at home. he was taken into custody in sea side yesterday. he used to work as a substitute teacher in san jose f
:45, in 40 minutes from now. in san francisco, this afternoon, the group "get equal" will lead a vigil with other same-sex marriage supporters at 4:00 this afternoon at the supreme court building in san francisco. reporting live from berkeley, kira klapper, for abc7 news. >> abc7 news reporter was inside the supreme court during the prop 8 hearing this morning and will report back on the historic arguments on abc7 news going at 4:00 today. >> as the supreme court considers the legality of same-sex marriage, abc7 news' katie couric asks, what does being gay in america mean today and focuses on gay and lesbian families living in communities that do not always accept this. plus, meet a young girl with two gay dads who sent a personal plea to president obama on "katie" today at 3:00 right here. >> developing news from morgan hill where a preschool teacher accused of spiking student drinks with sleep medication was in court for enter a plea and amy hollyfield was in court for the arraignment and at the courthouse. >> she entered not guilty plea, ms. gratz did not comment. she is free and no
. workers are hoping to have the pipes back in working order later today. >> new this morning, san francisco police are looking for the gunman in an overnight drive-by shooting in 9 lower haight. someone in a car shot 5020-year-old in another car and injured a 32-year-old who was in a third vehicle. the 20-year-old drove himself to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to his arm. the 32-year-old flag the down police with injuries to his we face. so far, there has been no description of the gunman. one person has been released from the hospital but two remain in critical condition following a head on collision in richmond. it happened around 8:00 on 37th street. a ask -- camaro crashed head on into a pickup and that flipped. the driver of the vehicle was underage and was drinking. >> a woman crashed her car in the side of this house in bayview just before 7:00 this morning. the crash punched a hole in the side of the house. the driver ran off. no one inside was hurt. >> happening now, court wrapped up in a sex abuse lawsuit involving a school district and a victim would claims she w
, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> what could be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer, a leukemia treatment is showing promising results in a handful of patient. a patient is set to be cancer free after eight days of treatment. our medical editor explains this. >> using a patient's own immune system to fight cancer, look at this animation. they had five patients with untreatable cancer. they use advisor russ -- a virus to turn the cells into cancer fighters and they destroyed the cancer cells. >> the doctor says all the patients went into remission but emphasizing the treatment is still in experimental stages. the study appears in the journal of science translational medicine. >> a respected pediatrician group has come out in favor of same-sex marriage and the positive effects on children. the american academy of pediatrics says that a stable parental relationship can produce healthy, well adjusted children regardless of the parents' sexual orientation, similar with gay or straight parents if they neuro -- nurturing and financia
here. we will keep you appraiseed what happens next. >> incredible. san francisco police have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting and a foot chase. police say a 21-year-old man was shot several times at this busy intersection of 3rd street just before 8:30 this morning. the victim died at the hospital. officers chased a suspect for several blocks before they actually captured the suspect. a gun was recovered two blocks away. the suspect is a 22-year-old man whose identity has not yet been released. >> another young man was killed in the south bay, campbell police are trying to find a gunman behind the first homicide since 2015. investigators try to determine a motive neighbors know why there has been a spike in violence. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> police say they don't know the motive behind this killing but residents think the answer could be right here in the city's hand ball court. campbell police are doing something they haven't done in six years: investigating a murder. 18-year-old richard vega is the first murder victim since 2007 shot at 10:30 last night.
for many of them with the rain coming underscoring the uncertainty. live from san francisco in west portal neighborhood. >> registered sex offender broke into a woman's home and he was arrested at 3:30 this morning. he was wearing an ankle bracelet and is currently on parole for burglary. police say that the woman called 9-1-1 after waking up to an intruder this her bedroom. the suspect was identified near the crime scene acting like a bystander. investigators say he had women's underwear in his pocket and was listening to police scanners on his cell phone. >> obvious police invite the police to a casket viewing tomorrow night for the to officers killed in the line of duty. the walk through for sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler is from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. on ocean street. the memorial service is thursday at h.p. pavilion. the public service is scheduled to begin at noon and we will broadcast it here, live, going at 11 a.m. on abc7 news. >> we are learning new information about the three people accused of stealing a lux i didn't sail -- a lux i didn't -- a luxury sailboat. a
to the investigative unit to look for answers. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. more developing news, a san francisco firefighter is treated for injuries after a fire in the sunset district. flames broke out on 8th avenue and investigators have learned there was a marijuana grow there. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo is live at the scene. >> the firefighter fell inside the home as you can see where the whens are broken. he fell and hurt his shoulder and treated at the hospital. no one else was hurt or inside. something different that the firefighter encountered inside this home. they say that the entire house was a massive grow house, all three floors. they don't know how many plants are inside but two floors were entirely dedicated to growing marijuana plants and one just to drying them. the fire broke out after 8:00 this morning and a neighbor saw smoke and called 9-1-1. officials say the cause was likely electrical and whoever was operating this "grow" over rode the electrical system and that sparked a fire. that is usually what you see in these cases. this morning, it was windy and the homes a
for up to 90 days. >> new this morning, in san francisco, the 29-year-old driver arrested for the death of a howell high school student has just pleaded not guilty. she is charged with manslaughter and felony d.w.i. if convicted it is up to ten years in state prison after hitting a 17-year-old crossing the boulevard on saturday night celebrating her 17th birthday. assembly man and local officials are highlighting a gill to effectively kill gun shows at the cow palace which straddles the san francisco and san mateo county line. the bill would require approval from supervisors in both counties to move forward. both borders have repeatedly opposed gun shows. the last gun show at the cow palace in jap had a record turnout just days after the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> a caged door is the focus in an investigation into a deadly lion attack. 24-year-old intern hanson was killed yesterday inside the big cat enclosure at an animal sanctuary in the central valley. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with new information. katie? >> lion was supposed to number his feeding cage wh
here and take a look before they re-open it. live in san francisco for amy hollyfield. >> thanks. we have breaking news from the south bay where a william's -- woman's boned was -- tracks and caltran says there is no northbound station teen two stations until 2:30 today. more breaking news, a 4.7 earthquake shook a wide area of southern california before 10:00 a.m. a. the epicenter was south of palm springs in imperial county. people if downtown los angeles, orange county, and san diego felt the shaking. so far there have been no reports of damage or injuries but several after shocks. >> we have breaking news in daly city where police have just announceed an arrest in a deadly car crash that killed three members of the same family saturday night west of 280. two cars were involved in the crash. police just announceed 28 -year-old man is under arrest in homicide charges. the three victims died at the scene. another passenger is still in the hospital. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a deadly accident in discovery bay. a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car shortly after midnight. i
group from the san francisco police department, too many agencies even to enumerate here. all the people in the vehicles have somber faces focusing on the two fallen officers. we are live in san jose for abc7 news. >> david, thank you. the memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers. each bracelet has a tag with an engraving of the batch numbers. they cost $15. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the officers' memorial fund. if you would like to buy a grace let go to and click on "see it on tv." a scholarship fund is set up in on of the officers with businesses contributing $125,000. if you would like to make a donation go to and click on "see it on tv" at top of the home page. live coverage of the santa cruz police officers memorial service will continue in a moment. >> also, rain moves back in the bay area. how long will it last? mike nicco is tracking it all with live doppler 7 hd. >> the latest in a tragedy at a californian mall rescue center, a young woman is killed in a deadly lion attack. her father is now speak
. more than 32,000 california eggs were dropped off at the san francisco food bank donated by san jose's egg ranch as part of the national effort by the united egg producers in feeding america to provide local food banks with fresh eggs in time for the easter holiday which is a couple of weeks away. >> people have sort of forgotten about helping around the holiday time, our support is very strong so it is great do have contributions like this. hopefully it will get other people thinking, wait, i have not been do volunteer or donate in a few months and they will come back and help. >> eggs are a prized item because of their high protein content. >> tens of thousands of baseball fans from around the world are in the bay area right now for the world baseball classic at the home of the san francisco giants' ballpark. the netherlands face the dominican republic and the winner advanced to tomorrow's championship against puerto rico. they beat the defending champion, japan last night 3-1. and angel grabbed the final out. >> that was a familiar spot for angel. >> looked familiar, didn't it? >>
from san francisco now where a little girl and her grandmother were hit by a garbage truck. the accident happened at broadway and the embarcadero around 7:30 this morning. abc 7 news was first on scene there. police say the truck was making a right turn at the foot of broadway when the woman and child were hit. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. the woman and her granddaughter were taken to the hospital. their injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. >>> a contra costa county sheriff's deputy is recovering after his patrol car flipped on its side. the officer was responding to a call just before midnight on richmond parkway in unincorporated san pablo. officials say the deputy swerved to avoid another vehicle at san pablo avenue and hit the center median. he suffered minor injuries but is expected to be fine. >>> a meeting this morning focusing on the safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge after 30 giant metal bolts snapped and broke. a caltrans camera shows a live picture of the construction as officials meet to discuss new safety concerns ju
tomorrow morning. kristen? cheryl? >> thank you very much. in san francisco, the bart station at powell street is opened against after bart service was stopped. sky 7 was over the scene. the object was found at market street before 7:30 this morning. fortunately it was harmless and police cleared the scene after 8:00. >> there has been another set back for both world renowned chez panisse after a fire two weeks ago. we are learning the damage is much more extensive than originally thought. the owner and chef alice waters say it damned the downstair and upstairs porches. she says that the repair work will be more significant project since both areas will need to be demolished. she hoped to re-open the restaurant in mid-april but that is unlikely to happen now. >> relatives of a san jose man shot to death by police are outraged this morning. the officers say the man in a stolen car tried to run down an officer last night and ram him with a car last night. cornell bernard is in east san jose with an interview with the man's family. >> we are learning more of the officer-involved shooting w
and concord and san francisco right now is hazy, and the temperatures here held down by the sea breeze and it will pick up this afternoon. mid-50's in san jose, and upper 40's at half moon bay with plenty of low clouds in santa cruz in the mid-50's. so we had been used to the 70's and bright blue sky but throughout the afternoon we will see the clouds thin out, it will be dry throughout moment of the week with the exception being one day this week. we will get do that in a moment. and a chance of rain moves in late saturday into sunday. with the clouds and a breeze, we are cooler, and santa rosa is ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, and five degrees cooler at the airport and two to four degrees deal -- cooler at at the bay. you will notice the higher clouds around, you can see them here. it is a dirty ridge of high pressure that will allow for, still, dry conditions. but cooler conditions. we will not see so much sunshine and the on shore flow transporting the cooler air closer to the coast. the further you are from the coast and the more sunshine, obviously, the temperatu
and tweet the news at abc7 news bay area. >> we have breaking news. the san francisco symphony musicians are on strike holding a media briefing to discuss the labor dispute. the musicians say the wages are $7,500 less than other major orchestras and said they notified the union a revised proposal will be offered tomorrow. the musicians decided to strike rather than continue with negotiations. a concert scheduled for 2:00 p.m. tomorrow has been canceled. >> it has been a foggy morning but it is trying to clear up. our meteorologist, mike nicco, what do you have? >> we will look at our cameras, you can see the floating bay bridge but during the last 15 minutes we have -- okay, we will bring you the breaking news. >> there is white smoke coming from the sistine chapel. >> now reporting from rome, italy, diane sawyer. >> good evening, and we join you with breaking news. we are looking at the smoke billowing out of the chimney above the sistine chapel. we want to be extremely careful. we have seen the smoke change. it looks light but we want to keep watching and make sure we are exactly right
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